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The Dance Department

Dance Department

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About Dance

We aim to provide a broad and balanced dance curriculum that inspires and promotes creativity. Students should expect to enjoy their dance through a safe and comfortable working environment instilled by the teacher and students. The following skills are developed and refined during every lesson:

  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Team Work
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Social
  • Problem Solving
  • Body Awareness

The department strives to create an equal curriculum where boys and girls can achieve success. Differentiation is vital to all lessons as it allows all students to achieve. Every child is seen as an individual and is treated as such.

The schemes of work are designed to achieve the department's aim. The schemes are changed yearly to allow for the ever-changing dance world to be brought into the classroom.

Dance is compulsory at Key Stage three and the students participate once a week. It is then an option at GCSE where the department boasts excellent examination results gaining 80% A*-C last year. We also offer the BTEC in Performing Arts. This is a combined Dance and Drama course, where students can specialise in one area. This is worth 4 GCSE grades. From here they can carry dance on into the 6th form. We offer the Applied A-Level in Dance. This is an exciting and innovative course that allows students to develop their performance skills as well as their choreography and their analytical skills. This A-Level is portfolio based and therefore it really develops the students' ability to discuss, analysis, evaluate, and debate in relation to the professional dance world and their own skill level. The course allows students to gain a deep understanding of the dance world, job opportunities and further training that may be required. Last year we gained 100% A-B grades in Year 12 and Year 13. We also offer the BTEC in Dance. This is worth two A-Levels if done over a two year period. This explores a variety of dance styles, where students can explore musical theatre, jazz, ballet and contemporary. The course allows students to explore and develop their choreographic skills as well as looking at the professional dance industry. Over the past two years of running this course we have achieved 100% A grades.

Many of our students have gone onto university to study dance at degree level. Last year seven of our Year 13 students went to a number of universities from Chichester, Roehampton, Surrey and Kingston. Two of our dance students who have gone to Lincoln University to study Drama and Architecture are now presidents of the University's Dance Society and are putting on their own dance show later this year.

This year two of our Year 12 boys auditioned and were accepted to attend weekly classes at the Laban Centre. This is one of the top contemporary dance schools in the country and we are extremely proud of Jack Humphrey and Ryan Tierney. Two more of our year 12 students are auditioning later on this year.

Extra Curricular Dance Clubs

The dance department is buzzing at lunchtimes and after school with our working day running well into the evening. We believe that students should be allowed to rehearse their class pieces as well as their own creative ideas in the spaces that we have. We offer numerous clubs for all students regardless of ability. If you enjoy dance then you can come along and be further inspired by a fantastic group of teachers. From the department teachers teaching the older students in after school clubs to our 6th from students leading the KS3 sessions. We are blessed as a department to have such an amazing group of 6th form students who enjoy working with our younger students.

  • 2.45pm - GCSE rehearsals
  • BTEC rehearsals
  • A-Level rehearsals
  • 1.15pm - Unison 5 (year 7 girls)
  • 1.15pm - Unison 4 (year 8 and 9 girls)
  • 3.30pm - Fearless 1 (6th form boys)
  • 3.30pm - Fearless 2 (Year 10 and 11 boys))
  • 1.15pm - Fearless 3 (year 9 boys)
  • 1.15pm - Unison 3 (year 10 girls)
  • 3.30pm - GCSE catch up sessions for those students on the D/C borderline.
  • 1.15pm - Fearless 4 (year 7 and 8 boys)
  • 3.30pm - Unison 1 (6th form girls)
  • 3.30pm - Unison 2 (year 11 girls)

Fearless Dance Company

This is a boys company that has been running for 8 years and was initially aimed at raising the participation of boys in dance. The group perform in shows and at other schools and in competitions around Kent. The company have been extremely successful in promoting boys dance. This is evident in the number of boys taking GCSE and A-Level dance and the enthusiasm of the boys at Key Stage Three. The company is now so successful that it has split into 4 companies for different age groups. The companies rehearse weekly, preparing dances for the forthcoming shows.

Unison Dance Company

This is a female company that was created before Fearless. Before it was named it was a group a female students who would rehearse after school once a week. This group were then entered for competitions and performed at other schools. When touring round Kent we were asked for the name of our 'company'. From this we decided to give it a name and this became the first dance company at Mascalls. Like Fearless it has become extremely popular and is now split into five groups. The companies rehearse weekly, preparing dances for the forthcoming shows.


The main dance show happens every November, which involves many students (roughly about 150) from all year groups. This goes over four nights and will be shown to about 500 parents, friends, teachers and governors over these four nights.

As part of the Year 12 course they have to put on a GCSE and A-Level evening. Running every aspect of the show from sound to lighting to costume and budget. This takes place in February and is another chance for our students to perform.

In June the A-Level students take part in their practical examination. For both year groups this consists of a half hour dance piece. This is then performed as part of an evening to celebrate their work in front of an outside examiner and a full audience.


Each year group attends at least one trip a year with the 6th form attending at least 2. Most trips are up to London as this is where the majority of quality contemporary dance work is shown. However we do regularly visit the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells.

  • KS3 - Dance is taught once a week, 45 minutes each session.
  • KS4 - Dance is taught for the same amount of time as the other optional subjects. This is two 90 minute sessions a week.
  • KS5 - Dance A-Level has numerous hours each week in line with the other A-Level courses.
  • BTEC - Same time allocated as the A-Level.